Is the CBD Market Getting Overheated?

written by Matthew Carr
Thursday, March 14, 2019

This is individual research and does not constitute investment advice.

Last year, the farm bill legalized hemp at the federal level.

This is a major reason we’ve seen a deluge of hemp-derived CBD products pouring into the U.S. market.

And these products – which used to be available only in specialty stores – can now be found in shoe stores, high-end retailers, grocery chains and gas stations.

The projections are for the U.S. CBD market to top $20 billion in just a few short years.

That’s a colossal 3,500% increase.

But states are pushing back. Regulators are cracking down.

We’re starting to see evidence the market is getting overheated…

Is the fear of missing out on the CBD craze about to create a boom and bust like we saw with cryptocurrencies in 2017?

Is CBD about to have its “blockchain” moment?

This is what I tackle in today’s episode of CannaBiz Now!

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