Are You Cursed?

By Andrew Snyder, Contributing Editor

Alternative Energy

The average investor is failing. He can hardly keep up with inflation, let alone earn a return that will truly make him wealthy.

We call this the “curse of mediocrity.”

Most folks succumb to it. They don’t have the tools, the knowledge or the willpower to make the moves it takes to beat the curse.

What’s crazy, though, is these moves are not complex. In fact, they’re quite simple.

It starts with recognizing what we at The Oxford Club call Unique Market Circumstances. These are the powerful pockets of opportunity hidden within the economy that lead to massive wealth. Over the last half-decade, the healthcare sector has been a strong example of a Unique Market Circumstance. In the late 1990s, it was the technology sector.

But there’s been a sector that has stood out for generations. It’s one that’s responsible for spawning immense wealth.

It’s done more to abolish the curse of mediocrity than any other sector.

It’s a fascinating time to invest in the energy sector. In fact, I’d argue there has never been a more intriguing time to be part of the sector.

If you want to beat the curse, you must find a way to take advantage of the wealth-building potential of the energy sector. After all, it has been the strongest wealth-building asset class of our generation. Nothing else has spawned as many millionaires.

For proof, we look at a simple fact.

In the 24-month span that marked the peak of America’s recent energy boom, the number of millionaires in America grew by 600,000. Astonishingly, nearly half of them came from oil-soaked Texas.

In other words, if you want to toss off the chains of mediocrity, history tells us you’d better be in the energy game.

The ultimate proof is in the chart below. It clearly shows what the sector could do for the average investor.

Asset Class Returns verses The Average Investor chartThe chart is incredible. The immense wealth-building potential of the energy sector is obvious. With an annual return of more than 12% over the past two decades, energy clobbers the 3% annual return of the average investor.

The key here, though, is you must actively target those returns. You can’t simply diversify your way into market-crushing gains.

Remember, traditional “set it and forget it” portfolios do nothing to target Unique Market Circumstances. They simply dilute all the sectors that move higher with the sectors that move lower.

It’s a surefire way to drag down that 12% return in favor of a lackluster 3.5% return.

On the other hand, if you see the Unique Market Circumstances in the energy sector and use a short-term strategy to target them, you’re directly tapping into that market-crushing annual return.

Right now, despite the recent headlines and powerful headwinds facing the industry, we’re flat-out convinced the energy sector remains one of the most appealing sectors for investors.

Never has the industry been more in flux.

Never have there been so many companies moving in distinctly different directions.

For investors willing to sort the winners from the losers, it’s an incredible opportunity. That’s why we created Energy & Resources Digest – a free e-letter dedicated to highlighting the wealth-building power of this powerful sector.

We believe it will be an immensely powerful tool in the fight against mediocrity.

With the guidance of Sean Brodrick, David Fessler and Matthew Carr, you’ll get a broad spectrum of investment strategies and opportunities in the energy and resources sectors.

By applying the same investment strategies they advocate in Energy & Resources Digest, Sean and Dave saw returns of 42.36% in their Oxford Resource Explorer Growth Portfolio last year. Similarly, Matthew closed out an options position for a whopping 2,733% gain in his trading service Emerging Trends Trader.

Clearly, these are in stark contrast to the mediocre 3.5% return of the average investor.

The energy and resources sectors are on the move. We’ve never before seen a situation quite like it.

Take advantage of it. Millionaires will be made.

Good investing,