Infographic – Copper Set to Soar: The Game-Changing Metal That’s Driving the EV Boom

Morgan LaRocca By Morgan LaRocca, Contributor


The “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (4IR) is picking up speed. Big advancements are being made in new technologies. Electric vehicles (EVs) are hitting the roads and lowering emissions globally. (And autonomous vehicles are a part of all this as well.)

The increased emphasis on alternative energy solutions has made EVs hot items. In 2016 alone, EV car sales were up 42%, growing eight times faster than the overall vehicle market. As global demand for EVs continues to soar, opportunities to invest in the resources needed to produce them will open up.

Copper is an essential metal for the manufacturing of EV batteries and other alternative energy technologies. By 2025, we will see a sharp increase in its demand. This short-term lull is the perfect time to invest in this new precious metal.