The Secret Behind Commodity Price Moves

Rachel Gearhart By Rachel Gearhart, Managing Editor, The Oxford Club


Since the election, energy and resources markets have been all over the place. WTI dipped more than 4% in the three days following the election before finally recovering.

To help make sense of these wild moves, Sean Brodrick sat down with Karim Rahemtulla, editor of Beyond the Dollar (a new and exciting publication that focuses on undervalued opportunities outside of the dollar). The two explored several emerging investment opportunities.

Their conversation starts with a theory Karim has about how commodities behave. He calls it the “commodities supercycle”…


In the video below, Sean and Karim discuss where energy commodities fall in the cycle and how you can profit. Then, Karim reveals a potentially profitable segment of the commodity market that is often overlooked.


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Stay tuned for more from Beyond the Dollar next week. We’ll feature a special guest editorial from Contributing Editor Eric Fry in Wednesday’s issue. In the spirit of the holiday, he’ll explore where your Thanksgiving dinner falls in the commodities supercycle. You won’t want to miss it.

To learn more about Beyond the Dollar and the controversial action Karim is telling investors to take before President-elect Trump takes office, click here now.

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