Lithium Demand Squeezes Supply

Rachel Gearhart By Rachel Gearhart, Managing Editor, The Oxford Club


When fracking came along, it transformed America’s oil and gas fields. Now, there’s a new energy revolution in the works…

This time, it’s not in energy production… it’s in energy storage.

As technology’s never-ending march toward better, faster and smaller continues, experts predict it will require thousands of tons of lithium to meet demand.

By 2018, the next generation of mobile phones will all likely contain lithium. Industry insiders project that every single one of the world’s 407 million laptops and tablets will soon use some amount of the commodity. And an estimated 500,000 new vehicles will eat up even more of the available supply.

In addition, the world is excited about clean energy solutions like wind and solar. And for clean energy to be useful, we need an efficient way to store it.

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